New condensing units

Variants of two high efficiency condensing units newly added to Searle’s comprehensive range give the refrigeration and air conditioning industry a powerful choice for both medium and low temperature applications. The NXS and NXR models are streamlined in appearance, quiet running and compact in size. They are ideal for use in catering and food retailing – especially in preparation areas, cold rooms, convenience stores, garage forecourt shops and supermarkets.
There are 11 medium and nine low temperature models in the Searle NXS range of scroll condensing units, offering a duty range of 1.5kW to 47kW and temperatures from -40°C to -10°C. The smallest single-fan unit runs at a quiet 27dB(A) when operating at minimum speed, while the largest two-fan unit reaches just 53dB(A) at top speed.
The Searle NXR range of reciprocating condensing units provides 11 medium and five low temperature models from 0.6kW to 19.8kW, for temperatures from -35°C to -10°C. Noise levels range from 36dB(A) to 51dB(A).
Like other condensing units in the Searle range, NXS and NXR models are based on the latest technology to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
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