New Condair CP3

JS Humidifiers is launching the Condair CP3 electrode boiler humidifier. The unit is a very economic yet reliable steam humidifier that is easy to install, use and service. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications such as offices, call centres, hospitals and production facilities.

The humidifier can operate on standard drinking water and provides between 5-90kg of steam per hour to a duct or directly to a room.

To celebrate this product launch, JS is offering a 40% trade-in deal on any steam humidifier. Anyone who is replacing an existing commercial steam humidifier can get 40% off the price of a new Condair CP3 with two year warranty and all the advanced features it offers.

The Condair CP3 has been designed to make maintenance quick and simple. All electrode boiler humidifiers build-up limescale in their boiling cylinders as the evaporating water leaves its minerals behind. Easily accessible internals and a user-friendly control panel enable the Condair CP3 to be drained and the cylinder replaced within just a few minutes. Alternatively the humidifier is available with cleanable cylinders, which can be emptied of scale and reused.

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