New concepts unveiled by Trox

A unique form of free training has been introduced by the newly formed Trox Academy. A whole day’s training programme covering totally new concepts in the following categories takes place in its Technical Centre, Thetford on 12, 13 and 14 June.
• CO2 – utilisation in specialised cooling applications such as data centres and dealer desks

• Chilled beams – the next generation of chilled beams

• Variable air volume fan coil units

• Low energy airside fan coils

• Design tips for good air distribution

Each subject or concept reviews basic design issues, selections and application guidance, followed by practical demonstration and tests within the laboratory complex. In all a total of nine live tests and demonstrations are undertaken supported by video and CFD imagery.

So far over 300 engineers have attended these briefings which are open to all levels within the mechanical services design industry. CPD certificates for CIBSE and RIBA are provided at the end of the technical meeting.

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