New concept in rainwater harvesting

Polypipe is responding to the growing need for sustainable rainwater re-use systems through the launch of its Rainstream RXL.

Rainstream RXL high volume water storage tanks are available with an optional anti-bacterial lining and have been expertly engineered using the same technology as Polypipe’s popular Ridgistorm-XL large diameter pipes.

The Rainstream RXL tank’s modular design allows any storage capacity to be created and features an integral pre-storage filter which eliminates the need to make connections between the chamber and the tank.

Exceptionally strong, Rainstream RXL offers all the functionality of large-scale GRP sub surface tanking and in most cases can be installed using a single sized granular backfill, as opposed to a more costly concrete support structure. And with no need to fill the tanks with water during installation, tens of thousands of litres of water can be saved. Polypipe’s in-house manufacturing facilities can produce bespoke tank wall strengths to suit specific project requirements and burial depths, without costly over engineering. The modular construction of the Rainstream RXL allows for easier on-site handling, off-loading and positioning. While assembly is straight forward with Polypipe’s unique Electro-Fusion jointing technology.

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