New commercial ducted fan range delivers ultra low energy usage and long-life reliability

A new range of ultra-low energy commercial extract fans, which combine rugged construction with proven long-life reliability, is now available from Dunham-Bush.

All fans in the range are ERP compliant as required by the

Non-Domestic Building Services Directive 2013 and are manufactured from high quality galvanized sheet steel fitted with acoustic non-hygroscopic foam and non-overloading ‘100,000’ hour long life, ultra-low energy EC fans.

Designed for applications requiring continuity of supply, such as public buildings, the eTF series of ducted twin inline extract fans offer duty shared up to 900 l/s and come as standard with a combined auto-changeover and speed controller with fault output (ECO-TF). For roof top applications the eRTF series of fans offer duty shared up to 900 l/s. They are available with weather proofed casings suitable for both flat and pitched roofs.

Completing this comprehensive new line up and designed for smaller applications, the eDF series of ducted single extract fans offers duties up to 900 l/s. Ideal for use in small offices, where the occupant requires manual control over air flow, this fan requires a separate ECO-SPEED controller, which enables manual variable local speed control with an off position. The eDF Plus comes as standard with the Eco-SF controller, which allows trickle and boost options with speed adjustment. This controller can be enabled/disabled via a BMS/VFC time switch with an off position. The eDF series also includes an external weather proofed version.

Dunham-Bush is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and distributors of heat emitters and chillers and the new ducted fan range will further complement their already impressive product line up for the HVAC industry.

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