New Column & Bracket Brochure

Holophane Lighting has just released its new Columns and Brackets Brochure, to complement the extensive range of exterior luminaires featured in the main Holophane Catalogue. From decorative styles that enhance their surroundings or standard options that discreetly blend in, the columns and brackets featured have all been designed in accordance with EN40.
The brochure details the four meticulously engineered styles in the decorative range; noah, roan, Isobel and dominic, which are available in three different heights of 5m, 6m and 8m. In addition to this, conical aluminium standard columns are also detailed.
Reflecting the clear and easy to use style of Holophane’s main catalogue, the Columns and Brackets Brochure emphasises the functional and technical information required for specification and purchasing. Dimensional data, technical details and ordering information are clearly displayed, along with advice on which columns are suitable for use with specific luminaires.
Each of the products featured in the catalogue is illustrated through a combination of line drawings and photographs, with additional images showing the application of the products. As well as the printed version, the Columns and Brackets Brochure is also available online at
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