New CO2 detectors

S&S Northern has launched a new Carbon Dioxide (CO2) detector which can be used to monitor CO2 levels in commercial kitchens, school classrooms and food technology classrooms.

The CO2 detector has been developed in response to Technical Bulletin 140 to offer a means of monitoring CO2 levels whilst keeping a commercial kitchen running if the fans or air pressure differential switches fail on a gas interlock system. CO2 detectors can be used to monitor the quality of the air in the kitchen until the problem is rectified.

In a classroom or food technology classroom, the importance of good ventilation and reduced CO2 levels is highlighted in IGEM/UP11 and Building Bulletin 101 which support Building Regulations Approved Document Part F.

S&S Northern’s CO2 detector allows commercial kitchens and schools to meet health and safety recommendations by clearly showing the level of CO2 in the environment using a traffic light system of green, amber and red to demonstrate whether CO2 levels are within recommended limits or have exceeded these and action needs to be taken.

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