New chillers brochure

The new Fläkt Woods chillers brochure shows a comprehensive range designed to deliver the right temperature while reducing total energy consumption. Its rugged all-weather units are designed to deliver high efficiency and low noise with long durability in outdoor installations.

The ClimaFläkt range of air-cooled chillers includes three families of scroll compressor models using ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant. All are available with a free cooling option. The single-scroll KCAA offers cooling capacity from 4.32 kW to 37.2 kW from a compact unit, ideal for residential applications. Twin-scroll KCAG units, cooling up to 72.2 kW, use two compressors with differing capacities for higher efficiency. The multi-scroll KCCC models, available in 31 sizes up to 965 kW, deliver very high efficiency for substantial energy savings. The KCCE/F range comprises 14 sizes of twin-screw compressor units, using R-134a refrigerant and with cooling capacities ranging from 364 kW to 1,525 kW. They feature an economiser circuit for additional operating efficiency with electronic stepless control and expansion valves.

Water-cooled chillers are also available for high-output applications, with options including split types with remote dry coolers and condenser.

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