New chilled beam lighting system

Trox UK has extended the lighting options on its architecturally pleasing multi-service chilled beam (MSCB) range by adding a new high efficiency lighting option.

The lighting system was developed specifically for Trox by a market leading lighting company to bring high-efficiency lens design to the chilled beam market. It provides glare-free lighting with low energy consumption whilst providing a lit ceiling in accordance with CIBSE Lighting Guide LG7. The special satin effect micro-prism lens optic hides any view of the lamp and gives a soft uniform light distribution for a pleasingly lit working environment.

The whole luminaire is designed to maximise light output, utilising lenses on both the underside and top to enclose the lamp to allow it to reach optimum thermal operating conditions. The light output is therefore unaffected by any discharge air movement from the MSCB.

In conjunction with this new luminaire range a TCP/IP lighting management system (Luxlink; ‘Ethernet2Dali’) can be provided that links together Dali addressable control gear and Dali addressable emergency inverters via Ethernet gateways. The interconnecting cabling is also pre-wired to provide a complete lighting, controls and cabling package.

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