New ceiling void chilled beam

Fläkt Woods has launched its Flexicool cassette chilled beam, the IQCA. The size of a 600 mm x 600 mm ceiling tile, the new unit enables a much more conventional ceiling layout to be used, allowing a very similar arrangement to that associated with fan-coil systems.
Intended for easy installation into a standard ceiling grid, the IQCA uses a one-piece structural chassis. It has a covered upper side and it is intended for integration within flush-mounting suspended ceilings. The unit has dimensions adapted to a false ceiling module of 600 mm x 600 mm. Air connection is at 125 mm and fittings are fastening brackets for quick and easy mounting: lift up, snap on and suspension rods.
Combining the benefits of active chilled beam technology with the flexibility of fan coil systems, the new unit is cost-effective to run and has no moving parts, resulting in quiet operation and minimal maintenance requirements. Connecting the IQCA ceiling cassette is straightforward and provides a great degree of versatility for installation in a constrained building structure.

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