New cassettes from LG

LG is introducing a new range of cassettes which give the user greater airflow control along with being the slimmest on the market – the units can be easily slotted into just a 184mm ceiling void.
The seven unit range is ideally suited for use with the LG Universal outdoor range and the VRF Multi V range and each of the LG units gives users precise control of the airflow angle and speed from each of the four vents from a single cassette.
The new units are said to be the first ceiling-mounted cassettes of their kind to allow this level of control over airflow. This feature simply allows the user to improve comfort levels by choosing the direction and speed of airflow from the unit.
Cassette air conditioners use vanes on each vent to control the direction of the air. On these new air conditioners, LG has added its Wide Jet Vane technology, which use vents that are between 76 mm and 80 mm wider than those on conventional air conditioners. This eliminates air conditioning dead zones, helping to maintain an even temperature throughout a room.
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