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With fuel prices, profitability and meeting Government legislation targets the key concerns facing organisations today, Remeha Commercial has developed the “super condensing” Quinta Eco Plus, a revolutionary commercial heating and hot water system that delivers outstanding energy efficiencies, and significant financial and carbon savings in a flexible, cost-effective, easy-to-install solution.

The Quinta Eco Plus can achieve up to 48% lower carbon emissions and fuel savings than typical ‘best practice’ systems, offering an unprecedented level of efficiency of 97% GVC at 82/71°C flow and return for new and existing buildings. That’s £97 of actual usable energy for every £100 of gas input.


How? Using Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery technology, the Quinta Eco Plus recovers normally wasted energy, lifting efficiency by 15% for heating and even higher for heating and hot water systems (up to 48%). It holds this energy in units, then passes it back into the heating system, to radiators or underfloor heating.

With its compact dimensions and modular design, it provides flexible solutions to meet the individual requirements of all public and commercial buildings, from the retail and leisure industries to schools, hospitals and housing. It’s win-win: the Quinta Eco Plus makes perfect financial and commercial sense.

Sales enquiries: 0118 978 3434

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