New BSRIA guide to seasonal commissioning

There is a growing recognition that not all aspects of the commissioning of a building and its engineering services systems can be carried out during the normal contract period.

The concept of seasonal commissioning recognises that some aspects of the systems need to be commissioned when the external temperatures and indoor occupancy patterns are close to the peak conditions for which the system was designed. For the majority of the time, however, most systems are operating at part load and it is important to establish that they also operate correctly under those conditions.

This new publication from BSRIA defines what seasonal commissioning is, the reasons for carrying it out and which tasks and activities fall under the scope of seasonal commissioning. It discusses the requirements for seasonal commissioning within various environmental assessment tools such as BREEAM and LEED. Clear distinctions between seasonal commissioning and extended activities associated with Soft Landings and other post occupancy changes are also drawn.

Hard copies of the guide are now available for purchase at £30 or £15 to BSRIA members.

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