New brazed heat exchangers

The new AC230 and AC500 brazed heat exchangers (BHEs) from Alfa Laval feature not one but two refrigerant circuits to enable them to handle a wide range of duties in the refrigeration and HVAC sectors.

The two new units replace Alfa Laval’s original AC130 and 250 BHEs and are optimised for use with R410a, provide 20% more capacity and fit within the same footprint as the original units.

Thanks to a patented channel plate design and a new distribution circuit, in fact, they provide a 5% COP improvement compared with their predecessors; equivalent to a 20% increase in cooling capacity. The AC230 and the AC500 achieve the highest co-efficient of performance (COP) with HFC refrigerants such as R407C, R404A and with C02 and other natural refrigerants.

The AC230 is ideal for use as an evaporator in a chiller in the 50-250kW range or a condensor in heat pump in the range 30-150kW. The larger AC500 is designed for use as a chiller in the 200-600kW range.

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