New boilers from Stokvis

Stokvis Energy Systems has been marketing industrial and commercial boilers for over 20 years and the company’s latest range benefits from the experience gained in that time.
The Economatic Rex range varies from 70kW to 3,500kW and all units operate on oil or gas.
As the name suggests, the units are extremely cost efficient since they have triple pass heat exchangers, so almost all the combustion energy is extracted from flue gases.
Thermal efficiencies of up to 91% are available and emissions of CO2 and NOx are minimised.
Units have been optimised to prevent hot spots and so reduce thermal stress and  maximise useful life.
The door to the combustion chamber can easily be adapted to open either to the left or the right enabling the unit to be put in a tight space and making access for cleaning easy.
Economatic Rex units incorporate an ingenious device to minimise condensation by preventing pumps operating when the return temperature is low because the boiler is firing up.

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