New Bitzer screw compressor

Bitzer has extended its product range in the low-temperature sector with the new semi-hermetic screw compressor HSN8591 as part of the HSN85 series. 

This new robust compressor is specifically suited for low temperature applications and offers a displacement of 535 cubic centimetres per hour with an operating frequency of 50 hertz, the highest value within the HSN85 series.  All this is provided without any increase in the physical dimensions of the compressor.

The HSN8591 also offers users all the benefits of the HSN85 series such as a slide control for infinite or stepped performance regulation.  With and without the economiser operation, the compressor achieves a high cooling capacity and Coefficient of Performance (COP).  Due to the large temperature differences in the low-temperature sector, the economiser facilitates particularly high energy efficiency and is also fully functional in partial load operation.

The HSN85 Series is suited for use with all conventional refrigerants and for parallel operation in combination with up to six compressors.  This will suit large-scale commercial or industrial applications.

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