New appointment for Mitsubishi Electric

John Nock has been appointed by Mitsubishi Electric to the newly created role of General Manager of its commercial heating systems division, after successfully leading the company’s air conditioning sales team in London and the South of the country through the last eight years of growth.

“John brings an exceptional knowledge of the commercial sector and is well respected throughout the industry,” commented Sales Director, Deane Flint as he announced the appointment. “John’s leadership, integrity and firm belief in building a long-term partnership with customers have played a major part in our success.”

Mitsubishi Electric launched its range of commercial heating products at the start of 2010 and one of Nock’s first tasks will be to increase the sales force for the division so that the company can take advantage of the huge expected demand for renewable heating.

Legislation governing the use of renewable energy in buildings will boost the market for this technology and Nock feels that now is the time to take advantage.

“These new heating products can help both old and new buildings achieve renewable energy targets with more ease, reliability and flexibility than any other alternative renewable technology including biomass boilers,” Nock explained.

Air, water and ground source heat pump versions of the system are available in individual modules offering capacities from 25kW to 200kW, multiples of which can be used for larger buildings.

Heat pumps are classified as renewable technology by both the European Union and the UK Government because they harvest free, renewable energy from the air or ground to maximise efficiency and minimise energy consumption. This means that for every 1kW of electricity they consume, at least 3.5 – 5kW of usable heating energy is supplied to the building.

“We are already confident that the market for heat pump heating will grow steadily throughout 2011 as more buildings need to comply with renewable energy targets,” commented Nock, “However, if the Renewable Heat Incentive is introduced as planned next April then we expect the market to really take off.”

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