New and unique

The XPress Carbon range of press-fit fittings from Pegler Yorkshire has recently been extended with the launch of 67mm fittings. This makes XPress Carbon the only UK carbon steel press-fit system available in this size.
The addition of the 67mm size has resulted in the expansion of the range by 19 items, including couplings, elbows and reduced tees. XPress Carbon Systems comprise carbon steel press-fit fittings and galvanised and plastic coated galvanised carbon steel system tubes in sizes up to 108mm, with the range now totalling some 212 items.
For use in heating and chilled water applications, XPress Carbon fittings are simply compressed onto the tube using a press-fit tool. The simplicity of this technique means that press-fit joints can be prepared, assembled and completed in around half the time it would take to make a capillary or screwed steel joint, resulting in significant installed cost savings.
As well as being quick and cost-effective to install, XPress Carbon Systems offer other considerable benefits. There is no need for threading machinery or heavy gauge steel tube to be moved around.

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