New air/water heat pump

Nu-way has launched the EcoAir, a new air/water heat pump for domestic and commercial applications.
EcoAir is part of a new range of renewable products developed by the company which features a selection of ground and air source heat pumps, wood pellet fired biomass boilers, along with control systems and storage devices to integrate these products into existing as well as new heating configurations.

Described by the company as quick and easy to install, EcoAir is designed to be situated outside, but close to the building and can be used in conjunction with a new or existing heating boiler. The heat pump works by extracting low temperature heat from the surrounding air and a fan then forces the air over a finned evaporator unit. This in turn collects the energy and transfers it to the heating system.

When used with the Nu-way EcoEl, the system provides heating and DHW even when the outside temperature is down to -15ºC, utilising a built in control system which prevents the evaporator from freezing.

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