New air source heat pumps

MHS Boilers has launched a range of energy efficient Air to Water Heat Pumps. Aerotop from Elco are compact high performance heating units which convert renewable air source heat energy into the heat source for a wet central heating system and generation of domestic hot water via an indirect cylinder.
Elco also has a long history of innovation in renewable energy and heat pumps and their products are available in the UK exclusively through MHS Boilers.
With nominal outputs in the range from 6 to 35kW and Coefficient of Performance figures up to 3.9, the Aerotop range sets benchmarks for power, efficiency and reliable performance, while delivering peak flow temperatures at very low outside air temperatures. Each Aerotop unit is delivered complete with a Logon B WP control unit which provides the user with comprehensive control over the operation of the heat pump and attached heating system.
Peter Gammon, Technical Product Manager at MHS Boilers said: “These air source heat pumps deliver excellent performance and have a terrific build quality. Specifying renewable energy products can be made simple with the Aerotop range as so much is built in.”
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