New air measuring tool

Airflow Instruments has introduced the newest air measuring tool, the Model LCA301 rotating vane anemometer. This enhanced instrument replaces the LCA30VA, LCA30VT and LCA6000 RVT meters, which are discontinued effective January 1, 2007.

Airflow Instruments’ LCA301 anemometer measures air velocity, air volume and temperature. The LCA301 features a reversible vane head, allowing users to easily read the display whether measuring supply or extract flows.
The ergonomic design of the instrument helps users take accurate, yet quick, readings. Sweep mode measures average air velocity or air volume over large areas like grilles and diffusers. Users can also use optional AirCones to quickly convert the LCA301 into an air volume flow balancing tool.

Not only does the LCA301 feature unrivalled accuracy when measuring air velocity, but users can rest assured about their measurement accuracy with the standard DKD-traceable calibration certificate.

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