New Air Handling Unit from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the launch of its new Air Handling Unit (AHU) range, the Wizard, perfect for those looking for a cost-effective ventilation solution that promotes wellbeing by improving indoor air quality.

The Wizard is a fresh air system that brings in fresh air from outside, tempers it to the correct temperature and removes the stale air from inside the building. With buildings accounting for around half of UK greenhouse gas emissions, the Wizard is also designed to meet or exceed European Ecodesign 2018 regulations, with a heat recovery efficiency of over 73%.

“Building and facilities managers are continuing to look for ways to provide a comfortable working environment at minimal cost and environmental impact.  Health and increased productivity are amongst the known benefits associated with well-ventilated spaces,” says Janvi Patel, Ventilation Product Manager, Mitsubishi Electric.

The Wizard also works with Mitsubishi Electric’s Mr Slim Power Inverter to incorporate thermal wheel technology to aid in heat recovery and an integrated control system, making it ideal for a variety of applications and installations, including universities, offices, retail and leisure centres

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