LG has launched a range of air-cooled, inverter scroll chillers into the UK market. The new heat pump and cooling only options are available in 60kW, 123kW and 185kW (cooling capacity) models. This new chiller range offers superior performance and, alongside industry energy efficiency in ‘part-load’ conditions, the Inverter Scroll Chillers boast an impressive EER 2.65 / COP 3.2 / ESEER 4.79 .

They are compact, with a foot print area of only 4.9m2, ideal where space is at a premium. The LG units feature low noise – at just 68dB(A) and can offer reduced noise levels at night, simply by adjusting the fan RPM.

HVAC systems are generally sized at their peak efficiency when they are working at maximum capacity, which only occurs less than 5%of the systems operational time. This is highly inefficient when most units operate mainly at partial load. So it is important to check part-load efficiency. At part-load, when cooling output can be reduced, inverter chillers can operate linearly with a wide operational range, becoming more effective than chillers operating at a constant output. Efficiency can clearly be improved whenever the compressor speed can be reduced to more closely match the load.

With LG’s designed and manufactured inverter scroll compressor boasting higher energy efficiency in overall operation range especially in part-load, this reduces operation costs for the end user. Equipped with LG’s exclusive Ocean Black Fin anti-corrosion coating, the inverter scroll chillers heat exchanger is protected to reduce the effects of corrosion normally found in coastal and industrial environments. The chiller system can be easily extended if needed by modular design. A single unit of 185kW can be added up to a maximum of 925kW operating from one controller, or a combination of 10 units from a centralised control.

The 5” LCD touch controller offers cycle monitoring, schedule control and demand control. It can also be installed up to 500m from the chiller d. One controller can be used to control up to 5 units of chillers, saving both time and money.  A maximum of 10 chillers can be controlled remotely by central controller and direct BMS communication, up to 1,850kW.

Continuous heating minimises the decrease of water outlet temperature during defrosting for multi circuit models.

The back-up operating system helps the entire HVAC system to continue to operate by removing compressors or system circuits from operations until repair or diagnosis is complete.


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