New air cooled chillers

Daikin Europe NV has announced a new series of air cooled chillers for use in comfort and process cooling applications and designed to exceed HVAC industry standards for operating efficiency levels.     

The chillers, designated EWAD-C series, utilise R-134a refrigerant and come in a range of capacities from 680 to 1,800kW for operating in ambient temperatures from – 18°C to 52°C. Suitable for use in all climates, the chillers are fitted with advanced high efficiency fans, which are available in three different sound level versions thereby ensuring their quiet operation even in residential areas.

At the heart of EWAD-C units is a unique single screw compressor, complete with asymmetric loading system, that returns maximum efficiency values in both partial and full load conditions and ensures low running costs over the chiller lifetime cycle.

Three efficiency versions are available – standard, high and premium – the unique premium version achieving EERs up to 3.70 and ESEERs up to 4.63, the highest in the industry. Availability in a wide range of sound level versions underpins their flexibility for use in many and varied building projects.

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