New addition to Polypipe range

Polypipe Ventilation has launched the first new addition to the Silavent range following its acquisition of the brand last year – a new range of low Watt centrifugal bathroom extract fans. The new competitively priced Silavent low Watt fans use an incredible 70% less power than conventional fans, dramatically reducing operating costs and helping to reduce overall building energy consumption, an issue which remains high on the political agenda.

In fact, changes to Part L of the Building Regulations require the Specific Fan Power (SFP) to be no higher than 0.5 Watts per litre per second (W/l/s); Polypipe’s range of low Watt fans outperform this minimum standard.

The new range incorporates units suitable for most domestic applications, including decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV) versions. These include the Curzon 100mm and Mayfair plug-in specification fan, which also features a twin speed dMEV option. 

Designed for ease of installation, the Curzon and the Mayfair are ideally suited to the social housing and refurbishment market. In particular, the Mayfair unit is well suited to refurbishment applications where existing installed AC units can be simply replaced with a low energy equivalent.

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