NEW 1MW scroll chiller from Airedale

Airedale has pushed the boundaries in the application of scroll compressors to chiller technology and responded to market demand for a compact, efficient, high capacity scroll chiller, with the new 460 – 960kW air cooled DeltaChill and 450 – 1030kW DeltaChill FreeCool.

To gain the increased capacity and high efficiency levels whilst maintaining a minimum footprint, Airedale has applied compact micro-channel coils in each range, achieving up to 38%* more cooling per square metre than Airedale’s previous generation compact chiller.

In the high capacity DeltaChill FreeCool, where the micro-channel coil is matched with the free-cooling coil, the larger heat exchanger in the highest efficiency models allows up to 109% of nominal capacity in concurrent free-cooling. The FreeCool chiller has a high water temperature capability of up to 17° supply water temperature, raising the free-cooling threshold of all FreeCool models including the more compact variants and facilitating free-cooling for up to 95% of the year. 

A combined 182 models feature two or three refrigeration circuits and up to 9 stages of cooling, enabling capacity to precisely match the application for reduced operating costs.

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