New 17th Edition software

Seaward has updated and expanded its specialist software programme for the fast and efficient production of 17th edition electrical test certification.

The powerful new PowerPlus PC Version 2.0 software includes a number of new features to further streamline the electrical inspection, test and certification process.

In particular, by enhancing the two way transfer of test data between the PowerPlus 1557 installation tester and main PC records, the new software considerably  improves the working efficiency of contractors in the field and ensures full traceability and accuracy of electrical records and documentation.

Among the new technical advances now built into the intelligent software programme is the ability to upload certificates generated on a PC into multiple testers for situations where a number of test personnel might be working on the same large installation, such as hospital developments, shopping malls or commercial office blocks.

On such premises, PowerPlus PC V2.0 enables specific electrical test work to be allocated among the test team. Once testing has been undertaken, the software enables test results downloaded separately from different testers to be merged into a single certificate for the premises or building complex concerned.

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