Neatafan Technical Advice – Steering through the Pandemic

As the country gradually moves out of lockdown, the focus on IAQ and the importance of ventilation in particular is going to be a challenge to steer through. With the current pandemic threatening normal life there is an increased accountability for business owners to provide ventilation, fresh air supply and air purification for its occupants.

Effective ventilation and the importance of a properly designed system is something that we encourage from our customers, whether they are installers or consultants. At Neatafan, we manufacture all types of HVAC products for commercial and industrial use and are known for our technical expertise in assisting installers meet their customer’s ventilation needs.

In recent years we feel ventilation has been neglected within building regulations and legislation, and manufacturers can often get unfairly blamed for noisy or ineffectual systems. However, at Neatafan our Technical Engineers personally aim to ensure that you are selecting and ordering the right units and specification – and if we think it won’t work, then we will say so!

Without recognised legislation on building requirements regarding Covid-19 there is a lot of hearsay and ‘make-do’ strategies that we hear about within the industry. One of those is an over-reliance on natural ventilation within public buildings and offices.

‘Natural Ventilation’ is the proposal that a building can be ventilated by means of air entering large inlets set in an optimal direction and driven upwards through suitable chimneys by low pressure warm air & the stack effect.

The small amount of ventilation air required in the winter would have to be heated in some way and the best way to do this is with additional fan/heater units. The idea has some merit and in ideal conditions, perhaps 3 summer months, it will work but the system will require secure inlet louvres, shut off dampers, basic filter screens and if you want a practical solution, extract fans in the roof.

Until we have tangible NEW legislation to go by, Neatafan’s sales team can assist you with your ventilation design and specific needs. Whether that’s tackling contaminants within a hospital setting, achieving rates of fresh air within a school or temperature rises and humidity levels in a warehouse; our engineers can advise you on the current legislation and regulations, thus ensuring that your system works efficiently at protecting and providing comfort for its inhabitants.

For day-to-day technical guidance on heater selections, formulas and calculations – please visit This will aid all installers in selecting the right equipment. We also have a range of standard duct heaters available for immediate delivery or we can make products to your specific sizes.

As well as offering technical advice on your orders, we can offer a Consultation Service for specialist jobs where more guidance is needed and where tailored equipment is required. For more information, please email or call 01489 783783.

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