Munters launches EC Cool – a cost effective evaporative pre-cooling solution for rooftop condensers

Operators of roof top condensers are familiar with the stress caused by the summer period, with peak temperatures pushing the condensers to their limit. Munters EC Cool efficiently decreases the inlet temperature of the rooftop condenser, increasing cooling capacity and preventing unplanned breakdowns caused by high pressure alarms.

Air-cooled refrigeration units are the typical form of heat rejection system installed to provide air-conditioning and refrigeration. Obtaining adequate cooling function always has to be balanced against the higher capital investment and physical installation space of an over-dimensioned system. Moreover the running costs, comprising both life cycle system maintenance costs and energy consumption, are critical factors. Refrigeration plants account for around 10% of the global electricity consumption and is rising. It is therefore no surprise that cost-consciousness and energy conservation play increasingly important roles in new condenser system design and prolongation of the life cycles for existing installations.

Munters retrofit solution supports ambitions on sustainability

To support energy efficiency and product life expectancy on these already installed condensers, Munters has developed the EC Cool solution for retrofit installation. Munters EC Cool increases the cooling efficiency of a condenser system, while lowering energy consumption.


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