Multiple Options: THISION® L EVO cascade systems from ELCO

THISION L EVO cascade_x8To complement the launch of the new THISION® L EVO wall mounted boiler, ELCO Heating Solutions has upgraded the unit’s cascade functionality with an improved prefabricated cascade rig and comprehensive built-in controls systems.

The cascade kit allows a modular system of up to eight THISION® L EVO boilers to be created, delivering a maximum output of up to 1.1MW. There are three types of cascade system available: wall mounted in-line and freestanding in-line for two to six boilers, or freestanding back-to-back for three to eight boilers.

Whatever arrangement is specified, all cascade systems can be easily transported on site, as well as set up quickly and simply by a single person. Additionally, the new system allows the THISION® L EVO boilers to be installed side by side without any need for clearances.

Each THISION® L EVO cascade system can be controlled using the integrated master/slave cascade functionality, in combination with an optional BUS communication device. When used in a modular installation, the standard built-in controllers can be configured to provide cascade control for up to eight boilers. The regulation of heating circuits and domestic hot water production can also easily be added with the inclusion of optional extra control components.

Commenting on the improved cascade capabilities of the THISION® L EVO, Gavin Watson, Sales Director at ELCO, said: “The wall hung commercial boiler market continues to grow, with cascade setups offering specifiers and contractors extra flexibility in system design, plus vastly improved seasonal efficiencies. The new THISION® L EVO has been specifically engineered for use in cascade, with excellent control and flexible configurations, which should prove popular for a wide range of applications.”

Flueing is also improved with the cascade systems via a range of accessories available in 150mm and 200mm diameters, for both in line and back-to-back installations.

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