Multi V Plus is flexible

New to LG’s range is Multi V Plus – a two-pipe VRF system packed with features and benefits for both the contractor and end-user which gives ease and flexibility of installation, high efficiency, reliability and low noise.

It is especially suited to high-rise and large buildings as it can handle pipe runs lengths of up to 150 metres and 50 metres elevation.

The two-pipe system is available in 5 to 40hp versions – Multi V Plus can power up to 40 indoor units of Art Cool, cassettes, ducted wall mounts etc. It can be controlled via the internet, a PC, a deluxe or simple controller.

The 3 pipe Heat recovery system provides simultaneous heating and cooling – and when running at an optimum balance, the amount of externally supplied energy needed to drive the system is drastically reduced in comparison to more conventional systems.

It achieves efficiency and comfort through its use of VRF, inverter-driven compressors and, in some variants, heat recovery technology.

Combined, they give Multi V Plus a level of finesse that allows it to run at its optimum level of performance throughout its cycle.

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