Multi service for fan coils

Most designers and contractors acknowledge the fierce competition between fan coils and chilled beam systems.  The VAV fan coil goes a long way to addressing the difference in carbon emissions between the two systems.  Putting this aside there are significant financial benefits going down the multi service chilled beam route.

These benefits can also be gained by fan coil systems through the use of an integrated service module (ISM) approach.  The ISM, as its name implies, is a ceiling panel which incorporates all of the mechanical and electrical components factory fitted as a total prefabricated unit.  This obviously involves the air diffusers but also incorporates the lighting and controls all pre-wired, PIR sensors, sprinklers, PA system etc.

The ISM has proved to be cost effective and also save time  on installation and has been delivered to a number of prestige projects including Cardinal Place, Canary Wharf, ABN AMRO Bishopsgate, Merrill Lynch, to mention but a few.

With prefabrication becoming increasingly popular ISM offer the opportunity to pre-assemble a wide range of components into a single ceiling module offsite.

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