Multi function dimmers

Hager is launching a new range of Ashley multi function soft start dimmers. The range can dim both mains, such as mains halogen, and low voltage lamps via a dimmable transformer without the need for derating. They can also control the speed of fans and motors.
The range has a soft start function, which prolongs lamp life. It will also switch off if there is transformer instability, protecting both the transformer and the dimmer.

Available in one, two, three or four gang options, the single gang switch will operate loads of up to 400W with the other options each generating 250W for each switch. Slave switches can be used to control the load from multiple positions.

The new dimmer plates have a slim wedge profile and the chamfered push button switches have an aesthetic look and feel. They are supplied with either white or contrasting galvanised metal screws.

Hager’s Product Manager Jane Yorke said: “Having a multifunction dimmer range gives the electrician huge flexibility in an installation. For the end user there should be no more problems of burnt out dimmers due to misspecification.”

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