Motion detection redefined: iHF 3D sensor

First high-frequency sensor for outdoors thanks to intelligent HF technology.

No blind spots, no compromises, no errors. The detection of movements outdoors reaches a new dimension with the iHF 3D from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL. Benefiting from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL’s newly developed high-frequency technology suitable for use outdoors, the iHF 3D now provides a sensor for error-free, exact detection outdoors. Whether on facades, carports, patios or in car parks – the intelligent high-frequency sensor only switches light ON when it’s really needed. The iHF 3D can also distinguish human movements from movements made by bushes, small animals and rain. This rules out inadvertent triggering. The innovative 3D aerial technology lets the user adjust the detection zone from 1 to 7 metres max. in three directions with absolute precision to suit any particular need. Detection reliability not only reduces energy costs but also increases security around the building.

Innovation in sensor technology

The iHF 3D uses the newly developed intelligent highfrequency technology from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL. This technology now also permits the use of a highfrequency sensor in outdoor areas. As an active system, the iHF 3D sensor emits HF waves with a frequency of 5.8 GHz and receives the reflected echo. Any movement in the detection zone causes the echo to change and triggers a switch signal within a fraction of a second. Signal analysis allows the iHF 3D sensor to distinguish between moving persons and moving objects, such as bushes or animals. This precludes the risk of switching errors and ensures that only people are detected. Special filters prevent the registration of rain, wind, snow and leaves, as well as other interfering factors, such as insects. The great advantage of iHF technology is that movement is detected totally independently of walking direction. Tangential and radial movements are always detected with equal precision. Since detection is unrelated to temperature, there is no risk of switching errors due to extraneous heat sources or extreme temperatures.

Precise detection setting

The iHF 3D sensor has an angle of coverage of 160 degrees. Its innovative 3D aerial technology allows the detection zone to be set with precision in three directions to cover the full area. Independently of each other, each axis can be infinitely adjusted to provide any chosen reach from 1 to 7 metres max.. This ensures that the sensor only detects movement in precisely that zone which is of relevance to the user. Full-area detection leaves nothing uncovered and no blind spots. There is no longer any need to mask segments on the sensor or pace out any area to define the detection zone, as is the case with conventional motion detectors. There is no need to tilt the sensor head either. This makes the iHF 3D ready for use in next to no time.

Installation flexibility is provided by various user-friendly functions that allow the iHF 3D to be adjusted to the local situation and individual needs of the user. A response brightness of between 2 and 2000 lux as well as an infinitely adjustable stay-ON time of between 10 seconds and 30 minutes provide made-to-measure lighting control.

All adjustment controls are easy to reach on the front of the sensor.

Time-saving installation and configuration

Saving time, installing the iHF 3D involves very little work. Using the optional Smart Remote universal remote control from Steinel Professional, it can also be conveniently configured from the floor via app on a smartphone or tablet. This is done simply by placing the respective device on the Smart Remote and connecting it to the sensor via Bluetooth. This can now be controlled via infrared over a reach of up to 15 metres. All iHF 3D settings can be saved with the Smart Remote. This also includes the reach setting. When being re-installed at another construction site, the data can be relayed at the press of a button to another motion detector being configured there. The Smart Remote also permits bidirectional communication. As a result, existing settings on the iHF 3D can be retrieved and changed as required. This significantly reduces the time taken to install and configure it. A KNX version of the iHF 3D sensor is also available for incorporation into the building services automation.

The iHF 3D sensor will be available at specialist retailers from October 2016 in white, black and anthracite. The RC 9 remote control is included.

Steinel PROFESSIONAL gives a 5-year functional warranty.

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