More than just a system

Estimation’s Enterprise Estimating software is more than just a simple estimating system; it is a full-blown enquiry management system for medium to large and corporate building services contractors. As such, it provides a high degree of configurability and customisation, so it can easily be tailored to each user’s needs.
Advanced tools for managing supplier quotations and making ‘what if’ comparisons for material substitution are combined with an electronic filing system that liberates information from the estimate for running the contract once it has been won.
Report generators deliver the required information in a format to suit the user, with tools to share that information easily within the estimating department and throughout the rest of the business. Estimation’s Enterprise technology also provides a springboard to the benefits of a totally integrated business solution that boosts your company’s performance not just in the estimating department but throughout every area of activity.
Other benefits include a choice of input methods to achieve maximum efficiency and time savings, greater accuracy with fewer errors, cost-modelling and re-engineering tools, simpler administration of suppliers’ quotations and enhanced information sharing throughout the business.

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