More than a controller, Omni is a self-contained Building & Energy Management System

Innotech’s Omni Features

Innotech protocol, native BACnet & BTL Listing
• Programmable Points (UI/O) with self-diagnostics
• On-board or remote HMI
• Compatible with all existing Innotech controllers
• Expansion capabilities to suit your needs
• Learn more at

Join the Innotech family and unlock the true power of BEMS with Omni.
Designed by users, for users, so we know it will deliver what you need.

Innotech BEMS Architecture

The Innotech Difference

Omni is the culmination of 30 years of Innotech’s HVAC, BEMS and R&D experience. We’ve kept everything you loved, and enhanced our capabilities by consolidating software, controllers, web-servers, alarming and integration onto the one device. Omni is a complete BEMS that can reside on both Innotech and Native BACnet networks, providing flexibility on projects from single buildings to multi-campus institutes.

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