More creative lighting

Launching as part of TridonicAtco’s TALEXX brand, new flexible TALEXXtape modules have been designed to provide the basis for more creative lighting solutions where special criteria has to be met. The TALEXX brand highlights TridonicAtco’s resourceful approach to LED lighting and TALEXtape modules are no exception, providing brilliant white light or jewelled colours to create the right illumination for shelving systems, handrails or in-edge injection applications.
Available in two options, white or colour depending on the effect required, TALEXXtape modules can be used to highlight unusual contours, organic shapes, arches and straight lines, coving and on a wide variety of surfaces. TALEXXtape power white accentuates straight and curved lines with a uniform white light, with extremely narrow tolerances in terms of colour temperature and luminaous flux. Colour TALEXXtape modules demonstrate TridonicAtco’s expertise in colours with minimal deviations in terms of wavelength and luminous flux, resulting in brilliant, narrow-band red, green and blue that always give the same excellent colour appearance.
With a width of 10mm and a height of only 1.5mm, TALEXXtape power white is ideal for use where space is at a premium.

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