Monitor energy efficiency

In today’s world of trying to minimise energy consumption it has never been more important to monitor temperature in buildings to determine energy efficiency and comfort levels in occupied buildings. The new range of ETI ThermaData loggers provide a simple and accountable solution for this.
Designed for use in a wide range of environments – from commercial offices to museums – the waterproof ThermaData loggers offer improved performance over previous low cost data-loggers by providing 0.5°C accuracy, up to 4,000 temperature readings and high/low digital LED alarms. The alarms offer the user visual verification that temperatures have not exceeded the user-defined limits in the building.

Data from the ThermaData logger can be quickly and easily uploaded onto a PC via the ThermaData logger cradle and the data can be analysed in user-friendly table or graph format via the ThermaData logger software.

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