ModuSat® XR takes heat interface unit efficiency to another level

Evinox has extended its best-selling range of ModuSat® Heat Interface Units with the introduction of the new ModuSat® XR and ModuSat® XR- ECO Twin Plate models.  Providing both indirect space heating and domestic hot water, ModuSat® XR units are ideal for use in modern, efficient district and communal heat networks. All units deliver fast, dynamic domestic hot water response, and the ModuSat® XR-ECO models also provide ultra-low DHW return temperatures to the primary heat network.

With extensive experience in the design and application of HIU’s across thousands of UK-wide installations, Evinox has made significant advances in the performance of its latest range, aiming to help improve the overall efficiency of heat networks, whilst retaining high levels of user satisfaction and comfort levels.

 ModuSat® XR – even faster, more efficient domestic hot water performance

An overriding requirement for many consulting engineers involved in the design and specification of communal or district heating systems is to ensure abundant and responsive supply of domestic hot water.  This goes hand-in-hand with residents expecting consistent and safe hot water at the tap.

To achieve this, our ModuSat® XR HIUs incorporate electronically controlled PICVs with fast acting sensors and actuators, combined with our control logic, which features a self-learning function to accurately match output to the required demand.  Not only does this provide high levels of user comfort and convenience, but also significantly reduces energy and water wastage.

“There is strong evidence that speed of hot water delivery is a key requirement for residents living in homes operating on communal and district heating schemes” comments Emma Alexander, Evinox Energy Marketing Manager.  “The ability to be able to deliver abundant hot water quickly, while at the same time ensuring the efficiency of the heat network is not compromised, is a key challenge for heat network designers and HIU manufacturers, so the improved performance of the new ModuSat® range is an important step forward in this area.”

Evinox ModuSat® XR-ECO; how low can you go?

It’s clear that lowering system temperatures is a critical factor in the efficient operation of UK heat networks. Reducing the network primary flow & return temperatures enables heat generation plant to operate more efficiently; lower grade, low carbon heat sources to play a more predominant role in the energy mix; and network heat losses to be dramatically reduced.

ModuSat® XR-ECO units have been designed precisely with this in mind, incorporating ultra-high efficiency domestic hot water plate heat exchangers with improved volumetrics that encourage turbulent flow and optimal heat transfer.  This enables the latest range of ModuSat® XR-ECO HIU’s to operate effectively on modern, low temperature heat networks with primary flow temperatures as low as 55°C, while still able to deliver high temperature, high flow rate hot water for typically sized new build apartments.

Furthermore, with DHW return temperatures as low as 16.4°C[1], the ModuSat® XR-ECO exceeds industry best practice guides, such as the London Heat Network Manual and CIBSE/ADE Heat Networks Code of Practice (CP1), which recommend primary return temperature of less than 25°C from domestic hot water production at design load.

These latest improvements from Evinox’s ModuSat® XR-ECO Range means, designers are given the opportunity to focus on the energy efficiency performance of HIU’s and the wider heat network, with the confidence that units will continue to deliver impressive full load hot water capacity and flow rates.

 A New Test Standard for Heat Interface Units from BESA

The ModuSat® XR has been tested under a new UK test standard, intended to help heat network designers to evaluate individual HIU performance on their network under typical UK conditions.  The new scheme, operated by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), will provide HIU benchmarking, similar in many ways to the SEDBUK scheme for domestic boilers.

Evinox believes independent testing is an important step for the UK HIU industry, so the latest ModuSat® XR and XR-ECO models have been developed very much with these new standards in mind. Evinox is confident that this new standard will lead to HIU systems and heat networks being designed with efficiency as much as maximum hot water capacity being the key consideration.

Find out more about the new ModuSat® XR Range of Heat Interface Units by contacting us on 01372 722277 or via our Contact Us Form.

[1] The Primary DHW Return Figure of 16.4°C shown relates to the ModuSat XR-ECO 70-XX operating on a network with 70°C Primary flow.

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