Modular marshalling boxes

Vitesse Modular is the latest addition to CP Electronics’ range of marshalling boxes. Its modular design makes it quick and easy to add luminaires, simply by plugging in 4-way extender modules, so that design changes at fit-out – or changes in the layout of the space – can by accommodated very cost-effectively. An appropriate CP detector (PIR, microwave – absence or presence detection) is then simply plugged into the end module, using a pre-wired lead.

The Vitesse Modular range also incorporates a Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) module to ease compliance with the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations by eliminating the need for RCD-protection of live switch wires routed along walls.

Each module is able to connect to four luminaires, using either 6-pole dimming or 4-pole non-dimming GST connectors. Up to three additional extension modules can be added to accommodate a maximum of 16 luminaires.

Ease of installation is a key benefit of the design, with a large wiring compartment and large terminals (accepting up to 4mm²), a detachable cable-entry plate and a choice of grommets or cable glands. Constructed from robust, high impact-resistant plastic, the boxes are very light compared to metal boxes and can be mounted directly onto a slab, onto drop rods or to a besa box. Where preferred, the modules can be connected to CP’s new ceiling rose, using industry standard GST connectors.

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