Modern, highly efficient and high performance lighting

Zumtobel Lighting has created individual solutions for a number of different areas of the state-­of­-the-­art Manor Road Building, part of The University of Oxford

Modern, highly efficient and high performance lighting The client’s brief called for modern, highly efficient lighting with high performance and excellent aesthetics that would not compromise the original Norman Foster visual lighting effect, whilst providing a more sustainable higher education facility and a perfect environment for learning. Zumtobel was chosen for the project because of its market leading efficiencies combined with the required architectural aesthetic for every area of the building to meet the stringent requirements of The University of Oxford’s facilities management team and provide a full design service.

Originally designed by world class architect Sir Norman Foster, the Manor Road site is home to timetables and building information for staff, students and visitors who are based at and attend events in the building. The Manor Road Building is home to several units of the Social Sciences Division and also houses the unified Social Science Library.

To maintain as much of the original design aesthetic as possible, the majority of luminaires have been supplied in custom four metre lengths and finished in black. For the offices MIREL Evolution, with its clean, minimalist design, was the ideal solution, as it is in keeping with the existing fittings and the light source is not visible when looking across the room. This luminaire is particularly suitable for offices, classrooms and any space where discomfort glare needs to be controlled. The unique LED optics combine directional light distribution while maintaining an unmatched value of UGR < 16. Light guided via Zumtobel’s advanced Quadrification Lens Optic (QLO) allows for high lighting quality, perfect glare control and batwing light distribution.

LIGHT FIELDS, with its minimalist, unobtrusive design has been installed in the lecture theatres to provide the perfect lighting quality thanks to a micro-pyramidal optic, which is precisely tuned to suit the distribution characteristics of the LED lighting points.

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