MK’s new Masterseal Plus

MK Electric is replacing its award-winning Masterseal range with a collection of enhanced IP-rated products called Masterseal Plus.

Scientifically sealed and tested by MK well in excess of British Standards, new Masterseal Plus protects the electrical supply in the harshest of environments. As with its predecessor, Masterseal Plus is specifically developed for use in both outdoor and indoor environments, and where wiring devices and accessories would be at risk from penetration by dust or water.

With a superb IP rating of IP66, Masterseal Plus is dust-tight to any ingress, offers complete protection against contact, and even high pressure water jets directed against the enclosure from any direction won’t have any harmful effects.

Masterseal Plus sockets are unique in that they can be used with virtually any standard 13A plug, allowing a safe power connection for any appliance. Added features to the new range also include a seating spout to house moulded on plugs, an improved lid catch for easy opening, as well as a fixed gasket and rear drill holes to ensure faster and easier installation. The range comes in grey, white or black.

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