MK sets the scene

MK is putting the end user firmly in control when it comes to lighting with the launch of its new Aspect DSC (digital scene control) system.
Based around the tried and trusted Aspect range of switches, Aspect DSC has been specifically designed and engineered to be an ‘out the box, on the wall’ product, making installation quick and simple. The system will work with most current lamp types including incandescent lamps, mains voltage halogen lamps and low voltage halogen lamps powered by an electronic transformer.

When it comes to installing the system a number of features make it very contractor-friendly. Firstly Aspect DSC is the only product in the market that will fit into a standard UK 47mm back box. Typically other mainstream products are much deeper, and in some cases physically larger. Second, the system is ideal for retrospective fitting, as there is no need for a neutral connection. This makes Aspect DSC quite distinct – most lighting circuits wired as a spur do not have a neutral available, making re-wiring a necessity.

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