MK is ultra cool

MK has launched a new aspirational and inspirational range of wiring devices to meet the need for chic aesthetic accessories in contemporary interior environments – both domestic and commercial. The new Arctic range of switches and sockets is a fusion of stylish aesthetics and perfect functionality that will enhance or complement modern interiors, while making a statement of its own.

Feedback from the design sector produced the observation: “The first contact with a room is the light switch, so it has to feel right. This sets the tone for the rest of the room experience” – and the Arctic range has been created to ensure that this initial contact with the devices, from touch to sight, is consistent with this ethic. Aimed at the high-end UK and international market, Arctic is an ultimate choice in stylish devices, designed with the contemporary lifestyle in mind and providing the very best for any interior.

Frosted glass surrounds matched with contrasting brushed satin chrome inserts and rockers are elegantly crafted together to put cutting edge detail into any room scheme.

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