MK Electric adds simplicity

MK Electric is set to make energy saving even easier to achieve with the launch of a range of simple to fit sensors. The no-hassle sensors promise fast installation and even faster payback.

The new range features two models – a flush mounting version and a surface mounting option. Both have external programming dials to allow quick and easy adjustment of time delay and lux levels and incorporate a PIR with 360o  detection and a six metre range.

By adjusting the lux level, the passive photocell can determine whether to turn lights on or off depending on ambient light conditions and room occupancy. The variable time delay feature means lights can be turned off within five seconds of the last observed movement or left on for up to 40 minutes.

Installation could not be simpler. The flush mounting sensor has spring clips that allow the device to be inserted directly into the ceiling, while the surface mount model can be easily mounted onto a back box. No additional fixing tools or parts are required.

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