MK brings an extra dimension

MK Electric is set to revolutionise the cable management sector with the launch of Prestige 3D – a system providing ground breaking innovations that deliver high quality, professional installations with greater ease and speed of fixing.

Packed with ‘me features’ designed to benefit the contractor, the developer, the specifier and the stockist; Prestige 3D is an evolution from the highly regarded Prestige Plus and Compact ranges and its launch certainly promises to bring new dimensions of data transmission compliance, cost-effectiveness and fitter-friendliness to cable management contracts.

One of the primary benefits of Prestige 3D is a marked increase of speed and ease of installation. The company has undertaken internal trials that – in a typical 15m2 office application – have found it over 30% faster to install than Prestige Plus and similar competitor systems.

To meet the need for CAT 6 compliance, Prestige 3D features a number of system refinements including increased depth – 57mm – to allow 45mm deep back boxes that accept CAT 6 data modules; and the unique Data Sweep.

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