Mixergy recruits former Baxi CEO

Mixergy, a developer of innovative solutions for domestic water heating, has appointed two new executives to its leadership team.

David Pinder

David Pinder, formerly chief executive of Baxi Heating UK Ltd – the global leader in heating and hot water solutions, joins as Mixergy’s chairman. Martin Allman, who was UK and Ireland country director for sonnen – the global energy storage systems company, joins Mixergy as its chief commercial officer.

“We’re delighted to welcome David and Martin to the team,” said Pete Armstrong, chief executive officer and co-founder, Mixergy. “Their considerable experience in the domestic heating and energy storage markets will strengthen our position as we look to grow in the UK and internationally.”

Mixergy’s smart hot water tanks use innovative technology to optimise energy use. Using thermal stratification to prevent hot water mixing with cold, Mixergy tanks heat only the water required instead of the whole tank at once. This approach, combined with the use of AI techniques that learn to heat water only when it is needed, provides a much faster response to hot water demand and can save consumers up to 20% on their hot water bills.

Martin Allman

Pinder, chairman, Mixergy, said: “Mixergy has the perfect product to address the domestic decarbonisation agenda. The hot water tank is a standard feature in most people’s homes. Developing a solution that cuts carbon, reduces bills and is compatible with modern heat sources – including heat pumps and solar energy – gives Mixergy a competitive advantage in addressing both new build and retrofit markets.”

“Countries with net-zero commitments need to deploy a lot more energy storage to help balance the grid and ultimately enable the growth of renewables,” said Martin Allman, chief commercial officer, Mixergy. “Using AI, Mixergy tanks become highly cost-effective energy storage systems which are far more accessible to households than other technologies. They heat water when there is spare grid capacity and electricity prices are low, which brings benefits to householders and grid operators alike.”

Mixergy’s solution is the first domestic hot water product to deliver commercial grid services to National Grid, and has recently been endorsed by the UK Energy Saving Trust. Mixergy is working with Centrica to deploy thousands of smart hot water tanks as part of Centrica’s 2.5GW virtual power plant.

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