Mitsubishi makes Top 10 Green list

Mitsubishi Electric has received another boost to its green credentials following the publication of a Top 10 ‘Green’ Companies of the Year list.

Global Mutual Fund experts, Portfolio 21, which invests in companies that are helping us move towards a sustainable society, has listed Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in its Top 10 financial performers for the year ending 30 December 2005, and links financial performance to corporate environmental performance.

Portfolio 21 identifies global companies that recognise the opportunities for business prosperity that arise from the search for sustainability. It invests only in companies with an explicit commitment to sustainable business practices such as energy and resource efficiency, minimising ecological impacts of products and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. On its website,, the company praises Mitsubishi Electric’s three-pronged strategy for developing more sustainable products – material solutions, energy solutions, and toxicity solutions.

Welcoming the announcement, Ian Parry, Mitsubishi Electric’s Business Development Manager commented: “We have always believed that the development of environmentally-conscious products is not only the greatest contribution that we can make towards achieving a sustainable society, but also the best way of ensuring the continuing success of our company.

“As customers become even more focused on environmental issues we know that they will react positively to companies like ourselves who offer products that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions whilst still ensuring they can still enjoy the comfort levels associated with modern living.”

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