Mitsubishi Electric brings enhancements to IT cooling market with new product range

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a brand new range of M Series R32 air conditioning solutions, designed specifically for the UK IT Cooling market.  The high sensible cooling systems are ideal for small computer rooms or areas that require a greater degree of sensible cooling.

The new M Series MSY-TP R32 Cooling Only High SHF Wall Mounted System is a brand-new product solution for the UK market, available in both 3.5kW and 5.0kW sizes, and includes an SHF (Sensible Heat Factor) of up to 0.98.

The cooling only unit has a high sensible cooling capacity, and blends energy efficiency with a modern white design. As a critical market driver for businesses looking to deploy IT cooling, a high sensible cooling system is able to significantly cool the room without removing too much moisture.

“The introduction of the M Series MSY-TP is just another step for Mitsubishi Electric towards delivering best-in-class products into the IT cooling market, a critical area as businesses increasingly rely on technology for their day to day operations,” says Carl Dickinson, Senior Product Manager, Mitsubishi Electric. “Our new solution offers companies a compact alternative to large scale IT cooling.”

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