Mitie endorses CBI’s call for greater transparency

Mitie has welcomed the CBI’s proposal to introduce new measures to boost transparency and trust in public sector contracts that are managed by private and third sector organisations.


The CBI has called for the industry to work harder to boost public confidence in order to be able to do its job and generate trust in the public services sector. The Government already spends £187 billion a year with 200,000 organisations, which in turn contribute £48.7 billion to the economy and account for over 7% of GDP.


A number of actions have been recommended, including publishing details of contracts online, releasing information more proactively, introducing a presumption towards open book accounting and greater structure around the audit of government contracts.


The CBI estimates that the Government is only half way through its planned deficit reduction, thanks to growing tax revenue along with public spending reductions. However, the Government must continue to open up public services to independent competition in order to continue reducing the deficit and procure services that offer the best value for money.


Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE, Chief Executive of Mitie and Chair of the CBI’s Public Services Board, said: “The public services industry is proud of its contribution to the UK economy, helping to tackle the deficit, creating thousands of jobs and apprenticeships and exporting our services around the world.


“But all businesses that deliver public services need to do more to build a trusting relationship with the public and Mitie is committed to implementing the CBI’s recommendations on transparency.”

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